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What is the best way to communicate who you are and what you do for your customers?  From fleet graphics to storefront signage to interior decor, the options are endless. 

Speedpro Signs Westshore will work with you to build a customized plan that utilizes the latest marketing and graphic solutions to ensure that you reach even more customers, secure additional business, and increase brand awareness.

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Have you considered the IMPACT that signs have on your business? 

Most businesses, regardless of size, depend heavily on their signs. Signs are one of the most efficient and effective forms of communication available to the small business.


new customers
people who are passing by your establishment
your business
people who you are and what you offer


impulse sales
your message 24/7

Signs are such a powerful communication medium that it is difficult to estimate the extent of their influence. Other media require the directed attention of the person receiving the message. Signs, however, can convey a message while creating a mood or feeling of atmosphere. It is not necessary for people to give full attention to your sign in order to derive meaning from its presence.  By Karen E. Claus, University of California, San Francisco, California and R. J. Claus, Institute of Signage Research. Palo Alto, California


"I am writing this letter to you today to tell you how ple…

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